Record Number of Competitors for ‘the UK’s Toughest Race 2022’

We couldn’t have done it without you, and we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your support.

We started this race back in 2014, when a group of friends got together and said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a race where people could compete in whatever they wanted?” And we know that’s what makes our event special—the fact that you can show up and do whatever you feel like doing. There are no restrictions on age or gender; it’s all about having fun!

This year was particularly special because we had more participants than ever before—and they were from all over the world: Australia, New Zealand, India… even China! We were thrilled at the level of enthusiasm and engagement from our community members as we began planning for 2022; it made us excited for what was to come.

The race itself went off without a hitch—well, except for some minor issues with parking (and maybe a few crashes). But nothing major! The weather was beautiful (for England), and everyone stayed safe throughout the whole thing.

Hey, everybody!

We just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for participating in the UK’s Toughest Race 2022. We know it was hard—and we know you did what you had to do to make it happen.

We were so thrilled that so many of you were able to be there and support each other through the whole thing. The energy in the air was amazing, and we want you all to know how much we appreciate your dedication. You guys are the best! It’s because of people like you that this race has become an annual tradition—and we’re so excited about what’s coming next year!

We hope that all of us can come together again next time around and have another amazing experience like the one we had this time around.

We had a blast, and we can’t wait to do it again.

The UK’s Toughest Race was an amazing experience! We had a blast, and we can’t wait to do it again.

This year’s race had a total of 5 categories: the 100k category, the 50k category, the 25k category, the 10k category, and finally the 5k category. There were also two types of races: timed and untimed races that take place in different parts of the race course. The timed races took place on Saturday, while the untimed ones took place on Sunday.

The 100k distance started at 6:00 am on Saturday morning and lasted until 6:00 pm on Sunday evening. The 50k distance started at 8:00 am and ended at 6:00 pm on Sunday evening. We participated in both timed races and had amazing experiences with them both!

The weather was perfect for the UK’s Toughest Race

A beautiful spring day, with a light breeze and temperatures in the low 60s.

The course was challenging, but not too difficult for the experienced athletes who were competing. It started out with a 3-mile run through the woods and then onto a trail that led to some hills that were tough but doable.

After that came what people are calling “the hardest part of the race: a steep climb up an almost vertical hill.” That was followed by another steep climb and then finally a downhill sprint to the finish line.

People have been talking about this race for weeks now, and we’re glad to say that we had a record turnout this year! We look forward to seeing all our friends next year at [location] where we will host this event again!

It was an amazing race, and I’m so glad everyone who participated in it!

I think it’s really important to thank the volunteers who made this race possible. Without them, we wouldn’t have had such a great event.

I also want to thank the sponsors for their support—without them, we could not have done this. Without them, we couldn’t provide each participant with a medal and a shirt. I’m sure you all love your medals and shirts as much as I do mine (and if not, I’ll give you one of mine).

And finally, I want to thank all of the runners for being such great sports throughout the entire event. You were all incredible athletes—I can’t wait until next year when we can do this again!