Snowdonia Etape Eryri – Sportive Rules


thank you for your interest in the Snowdonia Etape Eryri.

The Snowdonia Etape Eryri is an endurance event that takes place in Phoenix, Arizona. In this race, you will have to run through an intense course over different terrains and obstacles. You will have to cross rivers and climb mountains while avoiding rocks and trees on the way. This race will challenge your stamina, strength and stamina as well as mental strength. It is not a race for wimps!

The structure of this race is very simple

The structure of this race is very simple: you start at the beginning of the track and follow it until you reach its end. There are no checkpoints along the way so everyone has to be self-sufficient during their journey. Once you’ve reached the finish line at the end of the track, there will be a prize ceremony where everybody who participated gets awarded with medals depending on how fast they finished it (first place gets gold medal). It should be noted that there are no age restrictions on who can participate in this event; however children under 14 years old must have parental consent before participating in any races involving running or walking long distances without supervision by an adult or guardian.

The Snowdonia Etape Eryri is a trail marathon through the beautiful mountains of Wales, and we think it’s going to be an incredible experience. You’ll get to run through some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth, while also taking part in a charity challenge—we’re donating all proceeds from registrations to support our partner.

So here’s what you need to know:

  • The race is open to all ages and abilities. There will be a small number of water stations along the course, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll be open at all times or that they’ll have enough water for everybody who needs it. We highly recommend that you bring your own water supply with you.
  • Competitors must sign an agreement before starting the race that states they understand that this is an outdoor event with inherent risks associated with running/walking on uneven terrain, as well as weather conditions like rain or snow (which may make footing difficult).
  • If a competitor chooses to withdraw from the competition due to injury or illness, they must turn in their bib number immediately at any designated location along the course (there will be signs posted). If a competitor withdraws without turning in their bib number, they will not receive any refund or prize money!