Snowdonia: The epic Trail-Marathon

Hi Race Fans,

We are excited to announce the launch of Snowdonia, a trail marathon. As you may know, we have been working hard to make this race happen for several months now, and we are super excited to finally share it with you! We hope you will join us on this epic journey.

Snowdonia is taking place in Phoenix

Snowdonia is taking place in Phoenix on October 1st, 2024. It’s a trail marathon, so you can expect some great scenery and an incredible experience. The course is pretty much flat but there are quite a few hills along the way. You’ll have plenty of time to make up time if you need to—we’ve set up a schedule that will allow all runners to complete the course within 12 hours or less. There will be food and water stations at regular intervals throughout the course, but please bring your own water bottle or hydration pack just in case!

In this race, you’ll have to go through all kinds of terrains and weather conditions. You’ll be climbing mountains, crossing rivers and streams, and even running through thick forests. You’ll be asked to endure all kinds of weather: rain, cold winds and snowstorms just to name a few. But don’t worry—you’ll have an amazing support team with you throughout the whole thing!

Fully marked for all levels of experience

The course is 100% flat and fully marked, so no matter your level of experience or training, you will find this race to be challenging but achievable. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy Wales’ scenery, as well as the camaraderie of other runners from all over the world!

We would love for all of our friends and family members to join us at this event! We hope you’ll consider participating so we can all celebrate together! Don’t forget: registration opens June 1st at 9am EST!

Our registration system can accommodate up to 2,000 participants per year. We encourage everyone who is interested in participating to sign up early because spaces fill up quickly!